Best Online Casino in India

Our experts have reviewed all the top online casinos in India to discover if they’re trustworthy, how they operate and whether you can feel safe gambling with real money.

List Of The Best Online Casinos In India 2020

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Want to play at the best online casino in India? Well, is the directory for you

India has a thriving online gambling industry worth an estimated $60 billion per year. However, the laws surrounding online gambling in India are complex – even lawyers struggle to make sense of them. Currently, Goa, Sikkim and Daman are the only Indian states that allow gambling beyond lotteries and horse race betting. Sikkim is the only state to have explicitly legalized online gambling, yet no federal law technically prohibits Indians from gambling online.

Thanks to the blossoming online market, thousands of online gaming casinos can be accessed in India, yet not many pass out as top-class. Each one of them claims to offer the best of odds, the best of bonuses and the best of everything, all for nothing but to grab your attention. has hawkeyed experienced gamblers and experts to help you pin down your best match.

It is important to set the record straight at the outset that while some states still hold very old-fashioned views on online gaming business, no federal law prohibits online gambling in India and online casinos are entirely legal in certain states. The federal law that prohibits betting on any game of which the outcome is based purely on chance dates back to 1867 when online gambling wasn’t even conceived.

Top-rated Indian online casinos that Accept Indians

When choosing an online casino in India, you need to settle on the best player experience, convenience, and peace of mind. Don’t put your money where it could take ages to reflect on your balance or you could get in trouble retrieving your winnings. We all gamble for pleasure, not pressure.

The sites we recommend here are legit; they are licensed and conform to the watchful eyes of the regulator. We also look at their security system and their encryption software, interrogate their promotion bonuses, and consider their payment methods. So, with us on your side, you are walking on the right side of the law and safe from the scheming tricks of scammers.

FAQ For Determining the Best Online Casino

There are lots of questions that both beginners and experienced online gamers ask before they join a specific casino online in India. These questions generally revolve around payment methods, security and gambling laws. Probably, you too have these questions, and you hope to get their answers. Our experts answer them for you.

  1. Is Online Casino in India Legal?

The legality of online gaming itself is a nagging question here in India. The federal law does not explicitly ban online gambling. However, each State has its own laws on gambling with states such as Goa and Sikkim legalizing it.

Before you choose a specific casino, check if it complies with your State laws. A casino that has nothing to hide will offer its correct certificates with the right approval stamps on its website.

  1. Do online casinos cheat?

Unless it is an unscrupulous casino that operates outside the laws of probability, online casinos don’t cheat.

Most casino games, if not all, are games of chance. Usually, the house has the edge over the players as specified in its game software. So, your chance of winning is purely on luck unless when playing a game of skill such as poker where your chances of winning are also based on your skill.

It is a regulatory requirement that an online casino regularly tenders its game for an independent audit. This inspection ensures the games’ algorithms are correctly balanced in the interest of the players.

  1. Am I safe to deposit funds to my betting account?

Customer security is a key factor in the success of any internet business. Online casinos recognize this, and so they leave nothing to chance in safeguarding their players’ privacy. Top-rate casinos use military-grade encryption (128-bit) that automatically scramble your credit information once you input them to prevent any third-party from accessing the data. It’s worth noting that many casinos don’t accept deposits of rupees, meaning you’ll need to exchange your money to dollars, pounds or euros using an online wallet such as Skrill or Neteller (check the laws in your state surrounding currency exchanges before using such services).

As a player, you must never share your casino details and password with anyone. And trust your instincts, if you don’t trust the software an operator is using, better to be safe than sorry, so walk away.

  1. Are online casinos regulated?

Online casinos deal with huge sums of money, and as such, they are governed by multiple laws, including gambling and tax laws. Some of the laws are draconian, a fact that has made it difficult for many online casinos to accept Indian players.

To bypass these laws, most Indian players create accounts with offshore online casinos, which are exempted from the law because they are not operating on Indian soil. As a player, it is advisable to research your state’s position on these regulations constantly.

  1. How do I create an account?

Visit your casino of choice and go through the terms and conditions. If you agree with them, go ahead a register. It is, however, important to confirm that the casino accepts players from your state.

  1. Can I play for free?

Yes, many reputable casinos allow you to use demo accounts that allow you to play for free. Even so, the accounts have limited access; for instance, not many sites allow live dealing for demo accounts.

  1. Where can I play free for real money?

Internet casinos are involved in a ferocious battle for customers. Hence, many sites offer no deposit bonuses that you can exploit and win real money. You can also exploit the sign-up bonuses and earn some money without risking your money. However, pay close attention to the terms of bonus rollover to know what is required for you to withdraw winnings from bonuses.

  1. How do I withdraw my winnings?

To make a withdrawal request, you will need to set a withdrawal option. Unless you live in Sikkim, you’ll likely need to use an online wallet, such as Skrill or Neteller. Most reputable online casinos accept deposits from those services and will also deposit your winnings into your online wallet. Unfortunately, very few online casinos that are based offshore accept deposits in rupees, meaning you might have no choice but to create an account with either Skrill or Neteller.

Be guided by the World’s Best Online Gambling Directory

As professional gamblers and online igaming enthusiasts, we study the sites before recommending them. Our experts have both conventional and best online casino experience. We provide insights into all types of online games and answer any questions that both novice and veteran Indian gamblers have. We keep you posted on the latest payment methods for deposit and withdrawals. If you don’t get it from us, then perhaps it is not worth your time.

For the record, we are not a review site that only pushes you to a specific casino; we look at the basic and the intricate features that make up these Indian sites. We can easily tell manipulated odds when auditing these online games.

With all this experience, you don’t expect us to fall into the trap of operators using graphical misrepresentation to lure unsuspecting players. We will save you the hassle of finding the best online casino in India. Our experts will give you all the information you need to make your decision as easy as ABC.

Play for real money or for free

You can play free on an online casino for real money. Most casinos offer demo accounts that allow you to familiarize yourself with their games, experience the thrill and form an opinion of the gambling experience itself.

Never played online casino games in India before? Then, the demo game is an excellent opportunity for you to test the various games without risking your hard earned money in the process. It is also a chance to hone your skills particularly for games such as blackjack or poker.

That said, no matter how much you enjoy playing for free, the thrill is nothing close to playing for real money. Most online game operators will give you a variety of games in demo mode but will not include the live dealing option. When playing for real money, you can play against a real-life dealer streamed live through a webcam, which brings the real casino experience wherever you are. Doesn’t that sound great?

The Top Four Questions Beginners Ask about Online Casinos

  1. Is it safe for me to play for money at online casinos in India?

As usual, safety concerns top the agenda for every new player. As a new player, you may be naïve about which casinos are safe to play in and which aren’t. However, with a companion like us, with experience spanning decades, your safety is guaranteed. Most online casinos are safe, or at the very least, we only list safe online casinos. We’ve not witnessed any case of data theft or credit card misuse in the ones we’ve reviewed. Also, a good way to assess a casino’s safety standards is to consider the gaming software they use.

  1. Is it legal for an Indian to play in online casinos?

The federal law does not explicitly prohibit online gambling – the law that prohibits gambling makes no mention of online igaming because it came into effect in 1867. However, each State has its eye on gambling laws. If you are not in a State in which gambling is explicitly legal, take time and research on your Municipal or County rules and find out if there is any prohibition. Currently, Sikkim is the only Indian state to have regulated online gambling, though we expect this will be a precursor for other states in the country.

Most of these laws were drafted years before online gambling become a powerhouse, so some of them are essentially unenforced. We are yet to read somewhere of anyone being prosecuted for playing in an online casino. One thing though, it is up to the Casino to accept or reject you because you’ll have to key in your address as part of the sign-up process. So, if it is illegal for you to play online, it is the casino that absorbs the liability.

  1. Can I win real money?

Casino game outcomes are based on chance, so you may win or lose depending on your luck and skill. Developing a strategy will help you optimize your results and enhance your gambling experience as there’s no written strategy to beat the house.

  1. How do I withdraw my winnings?

Casinos have payment methods you use to deposit and withdraw funds. Each site has its own options, but the most common ones in India are Skrill and Neteller.

Playing at an Online Casino Like Pro

Work, family and our social lives make it hard for us to have time to break away from our everyday lifestyles. Consider playing at an online casino in India as one way to unwind, and your losses should be in the range of what you would spend on other forms of entertainment such as cricket and horse racing.

In playing for real money, whoever sticks to their strategy, and whoever is most disciplined, carries the day. If you want to enjoy, go in small, play more rounds. The more games you play, the more likely you will win.

You need patience, wisdom and the self-discipline to win anything at a casino. If a random chance steps in and hands you a big win, celebrate your win and save the rest for another day.

While playing is fun, don’t gamble because you are stressed, because just like eating when stressed is not good for your health, wagering when stressed could make you lose money and drastically affect your life.

The phrase ‘the house always wins’ was coined for a reason. The house has a slight edge over players, and so you need not only skill but also luck, even for the skills games.

Play for Free at Indian Online Casinos

Most online casinos give gamers the chance to take part in free contents, whereby you don’t have to put any money on the table to enjoy your favorite casino games. Playing without cash is a risk-free way to experience the excitement of the casino, besides the fact that when you’re on a lucky streak, you have nothing to gain.

Most platforms offer free casino games to entice users into eventually playing for real money, but, as long as you choose a regulated online casino, you can secure peace of mind that if you do ever put money on the line, you’re in safe hands.

Of course, we can’t guarantee you’ll win your money back, but we can say without a doubt that playing for real money will give you much more of a thrill than playing for free.

Online Casino Games

The thrill of spinning roulette, the dazzle of 3D slots featuring leading Bollywood and Hollywood stars and unrivaled quality variations of Blackjack to mention but a few, there is a host of highly rated online casino and game developers who are working round the clock to upgrade the abilities of their games.

Many Indians love betting on horse races and cricket, but they also find comfort in online Blackjack, Slot Machines, Online Roulette, and Baccarat. Other prominent games online include Craps, Video Poker, Keno and Bingo.

You will be overwhelmed by the unprecedented numbers of games and sheer variation of every game. Don’t beat yourself up too much over it because we’re here to help you choose nothing but the best.

Most common casino games in India

1. Online Roulette – spin the wheel, hold your breath

The roulette wheel is the most fascinating game in any casino. If you walk into a casino today, you’ll find eyes of crowds of curious people glued to the wheel–and its online popularity and thrill is nothing less.

The wheel has 32 numbered pockets of alternating black and red, with the single zero and the double zero marked in green. It is simple, before each spin, you guess what number or color the ball will land in and place your bet around the roulette table. The deal spins the wheel, which makes about 30 revolutions. The wait between the spin and the landing of the ball is one exhilarating rafting experience that you rarely find elsewhere. You will love its live dealer option even more. If you want to spin your way to fortune or just want to have fun, then roulette is the game for you.

2. Blackjack – 21 is the target number

Blackjack is a card game and by far the most popular casino game. The player is assigned two cards, which face up while the dealer only shows one face of his two cards. The face cards (Jack, King, and Queen) are valued at 10, while the A’s are worth 11 or 1, in favor of the owner. The player draws cards, but the goal is to get as close to a total of 21 as possible without exceeding it. You win if your total is greater than the dealer but less or equal 21. Otherwise, unless, it is a tie, you lose your wager.

As simple as the game may appear, it stands out as the most exhilarating board game that marries both luck and skill.

3. Online Baccarat – the closer to 9 the better

Baccarat is a simple game that may appear complex to newcomers. The dealer assumes the responsibility of the two opposing sides, ‘Banker’ and ‘Player’. The game has three outcomes namely Banker’s Hand Win, the Player’s Hand Win or a Tie (Draw). Bets are placed before the cards are dealt. The decision to draw the third card is determined by the rules.

In Baccarat the Tens cards are valued at 0, and the Aces at 1. The win is determined by the highest single digit. If the card totals are greater than 10, the ones’ digit is the value of the hand. For instance, if a hand draws 6 and 8 which totals to 14, the value of the hand is 4.

To win, your bet must be on the outcome of the game. The tie has the highest odds.

4. The game of Numbers – Bingo

“Bingo!” is common for self-gratification, yet it all started with a game of chance in which players compete to match numbers printed with varying formats on 5×5 cards. The organizer or the host of the game randomly draws and calls out numbers while the players mark their cards or tickets. The first player to complete their card yells “Bingo!”

The trends have changed, and the game is now available online, yet the thrill is pretty much the same, or perhaps better. It still maintains its social aspect, and its entry price usually is low. You can play the 75 and 90 Bingo, or any other variation.

5. Guess your Lucky Number with Online Keno for Real Money

Keno is one of the simplest guessing games in an online casino, and it’s a lot of fun and very exciting to play. Many consider it a rapid lottery.

Pick your wager amount, select 1 to 15 numbers and hit the play button. The Keno computer will then draw numbers from 1 to 80. If the drawn number matches your selection, it is a hit, and you win depending on how many hits you achieved and how many numbers you chose. The payment scheduled is also displayed. If you are dating lady Luck, this is the game for you.

6. Online Poker – The Winner Takes All

In a poker game, the players try to make the best combinations of five cards. The players bet into the pot in the middle, and at the end of the hand, the highest hand which hasn’t folded wins the pot. There are different variations of poker, but in the common poker, Texas Hold’em, the best combination is a ten, jack, queen, king, and the ace, all of the same suit. There’s only one winner in a poker game, and the winner takes all.

7. Craps -the dice game

A blind man can easily identify the craps table at a casino thanks to the screams, cheers, and shouts at the rolling of the dice. Perhaps the slot Jackpot winners may be the loudest in the house, but the craps table has all the excitement. The same energy is translated to its online version. The best thing about real online casino craps is that you can play with as little as $1, sometimes even less, so you enjoy the game without risking much.

8. Other Online Games

A player has a wide variety of games to choose from, but the ones mentioned above are the most common ones. The other games are mostly a variation of these top games.

Casino software providers, the silent heroes of online gaming

Casino Software Providers create and serve the virtual casino experience. Though casinos run with all the credit, the gaming industry owes much credit to software providers.

Don’t misunderstand; casinos are a vital piece to this jigsaw. However, casino software providers deserve more credit. These companies have taken the vast real gambling experience to the digital world. And they have been careful not to leave out a single detail, in fact, they have spiced it all up to pit you against your favorite movie character like James Bond. They do all these to make online gaming a fun and worthwhile experience.

Online casinos operate on the igames on lease to them by these game software companies. The software uses animations and utilizes realistic sounds and graphics to provide players with the experience of a real-life casino at their convenience, without stepping into a casino.

The top developers in the world include:

  1. NetEnt

What would the world of online gaming be without Net Entertainment? The Award-winning gaming Software Company is the force behind some of the most successful online games, including Starburst, Dracula, the Invincible Man, Gonzo’s Quest and over 200 more. It serves over 100 prominent online casinos globally, including 888casino, Bwin and Betfair. LeoVegas and Royal Panda, where Indian players can play NetEnt games with real money.

  1. Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming was launched in 2005 and has never looked back. It is best known for HTML5-driven I-Slots Series and video slots which easily play on the browser: It has a collection of games including table games, poker and several variants of bingo.

  1. Microgramming

Microgramming is a pioneer and standout brand in the online gambling market, best known for its big jackpots and bonus features. It has over 600 games with Instant Play feature to its name.

  1. RTG

Realtime Gaming (RTG) produce the fastest and most responsive online casino games in the market. RTG is widely known for its slot machines with free spins and wild symbols that act as multipliers. Aces and Eights, Aztec’s Treasure and Caesar’s Empire are just a few examples of its top-rated creations.

  1. BetSoft

BetSoft is best known for its 3D games that give players a cinematic feel. It uses its Slot3 and ToGo software technology to produce some of the online slots of table games that are a hit on online platforms, both on mobile and desktop devices.

  1. IGT

International Game Technology (IGT) is a renowned gambling industry player. Long before the DotCom era had already made a name for itself with its casino slot machines. Its software is widely utilized in the US, Europe, India, and across the world. Its online slots are among the industry leaders. X-Factor and Who Wants to be a Millionaire are some of its games that enjoy a global following.

  1. Others

Other leading online gaming software developers include Playtech and Novomatic.

The Ultimate Guide to Playing in an Online Casino

Perhaps you may be wondering what it takes to have an online casino account, and you can’t imagine the steps you may take to start playing eventually. Maybe you know what you need to do, but with hundreds of online gaming sites luring you with crazy offers of bonuses and free money, you are confused as to which one to pick. Perhaps it’s safety that concerns you. Relax, and let this guide help you. It covers all the ins and outs of playing online and literally walks you through the process, builds your confidence and shows you how to play like a pro, whether you want to play free casino games or gamble with real money.

The drill is simple, identify your preferred casino, create an account, load your money, predict an outcome, stake the money and enjoy. The casino software randomly generates the outcome of the game and returns the results. Get it right, you win money, and if it’s wrong, you lose. In case the game has a tie option, your money may be refunded, depending on the game you are playing.

Before you open an account, you must keep the following things in mind;

  • Gambling is illegal in most Indian states, but online gambling isn’t explicitly mentioned in the Public Gaming Act of 1867, meaning no federal law prohibits Indians from gaming online.
  • Sikkim is a frontrunner in the legalization of online gambling
  • Put safety before pleasure, so carefully select the site you prefer.
  • Online casinos are meant to be convenient, but not at the expense of pleasure.
  • Gambling is entertainment, not employment, winning is appreciated, though.
  • Gambling is for adults, and the age limit is 18 years, although in some states it is 21.

The confusing online gambling laws in India

The Indian gambling market has been confined by stringent and outrageous gambling laws. A new Indian gambler can spend weeks or even months trying to find an online casino that’s worth playing–even most online game developers are based overseas.

The Indian gambling laws are convoluted and difficult to interpret, especially with regards to online gambling. The Public Gaming Act of 1867 first applied to the ten states under British rule, but the regulations have since been applied to most Indian states, notably Goa and Sikkim. However, given that the Act is nearly 150 years old, online gambling isn’t mentioned, and laws have yet to be updated. Goa does have regulated ‘real’ casinos, but Sikkim is currently the only state to allow online gambling in some form or another.

Nonetheless, there is no federal law that outright prohibits online gambling. Each state devises its own gambling laws. It is advisable to first check your State’s laws before even consider playing online. If you are not aware, you can find out from the local authorities. But if it’s legal, sign up and load your wager amount using the numerous payment options to make your first online gamble.

  1. Is online gambling illegal in India?

No! (and yes)

The Public Gaming Act of 1867 prohibits placing wagers on games of pure chance, but not sports or games where skill is involved. However, as online gambling wasn’t a consideration when the Act came into effect, whether or not online gambling is legal throughout India is questionable, unless you live in Sikkim or Goa.

  1. Is there a legal gambling age in India?


The legal gambling age is either 18 or 21 depending on the state in question. The age also determines the types of casino games you can play. As always, it is recommended you familiarize yourself with your state laws before considering creating an online account with a casino.

  1. Can an Indian play at an offshore casino?


Many offshore online casinos will accept Indian players, but they may not allow you to deposit your local currency into your account. You can exchange your rupees into dollars, pounds or euros using an e-wallet account such as Skrill or Neteller. However, be aware that some states have stringent laws in place regarding currency exchanges.

  1. Is an Indian eligible for a casino bonus on signing up at an offshore online casino?


As long as the internet casino offers signing bonuses, you are entitled to claim yours once you create an account and make the required deposit. Be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the bonus. Also, you can’t claim the bonus unless it was offered in the first place.

  1. Are there regulated online casinos that accept alternative payment options like cryptocurrencies?


The internet would easily pass as the mecca of gambling because it has thousands of online casinos. The competition here is stiff and topnotch casinos try to be as convenient as possible and so they are quick to adopt emerging payment systems such as bitcoin and other cryptos. As a matter of fact, cryptocurrency has gained a strong foothold in the Indian gambling market and has a strong upsurge in the offshore betting market thanks to the unfavorable gambling environment in many countries.

  1. Are wins from offshore gambling sites taxable?


You are legally obligated to include any winnings from gambling in your tax return. You’ll pay 30% tax on your winnings in the state of Goa. If you earn money through gambling by playing at an offshore online casino, the host country may deduct taxes before depositing your winnings into your bank account.

  1. Is there a legal limit as to the highest amount you can wager?

It is advisable you set your own limit and take control of your betting habits. Gambling should be entertaining, but it won’t be if you use the money meant for your rent or other bills.

Online Casino Safety Measures

The online gambling business relies heavily on a reputation of fairness, perhaps more than the brick-and-mortar casinos do. On the internet, a bad reputation spreads faster than wildfire, and a slight mistake may cost a casino its business.

Gone are those days; today there are sophisticated security measures put in place by the industry players and the government to protect gamblers against fraudulent casinos.

Despite the anonymous nature of the internet and its industries; security remains a significant concern. It is a comfort for us that you understand this. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading this guide. In this section, we discuss the fundamentals of online casino security, and how you can separate the wheat from the chaff in the crowded gaming market. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Safety Measures at Online Casino

Over the years, casinos have evolved from small, loosely regulated entities to multinationals backed by credible global corporations, and as such, they conform to stringent laws and are tightly regulated by reliable agencies with a generous emphasis on player safety.

  1. Qualities of a reputable online casino

India has very few (if any) online casinos based on its soil, which means, if you gamble online, your casino will comply with the laws set out in the country where it is based. Fortunately, most casinos are governed by reputable organizations that check for fairness, trustworthiness and security.

  1. Complying with regulations

The best online casinos in India observe the law. This is why they have a strict policy on the physical address. If they operate on Indian soil, they will not accept you if you come from states where online gambling is illegal. You have to be physically in the states where online gambling is legal to play online. Some offshore casinos will accept Indian players regardless of their location.

  1. Guarantee player privacy:

We are living in the digital era where digital footprints make us vulnerable. Top casinos are well aware of this and use military-grade encryption (128-bit) to safeguard gamblers. The encryption scrambles any information once it has been used to prevent third-party access.

  1. Using accredited online casino game software

From the roulette wheel to the craps game of dice, and from card games to any other casino game, Random Number Generators (RNGs), is the center of it all. It is the tool that determines the card to deal, which side of the dice to display the spin and what number to draw. As its name suggests, it should produce the outcome randomly, and only luck will reward you.

A reputable casino provides the details of their RNGs, which are produced by a third party, the gaming software companies. Such accredited game developer includes IGT, RTG, Microgramming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming and many others. These companies are reputable organizations and are determined to maintain their status. The information about the software specifications should be readily available.

  1. Frequently audit their games

It is part of the regulations that online casinos submit their games for audit. This is not just to ensures that the games are fair but it also gives players a chance to get a second opinion on the game’s quality.

How to decide whether you can trust an online casino

The advent of tight internet gambling regulation and robust gaming security have limited but not ultimately killed rogue casinos. Perhaps, you’ve heard of rogue and blacklisted casinos. A rogue casino is not necessarily blacklisted, but they are identical, except that the blacklisted casino has already been identified as a rogue and reported to authorities and industry players.

At JustGamblers we have identified the following characteristics of ‘rogue’ casinos;

  • Rigging games in favor of the house.
  • Consistently delaying payouts.
  • Canceling large wins without proper explanation.
  • Colluding with players to lie about jackpots and bonuses.

Not every beautiful online gambling site you visit is reputable. The rogue internet-backed casinos hover around the market disguised among their honest counterparts targeting naive and unsuspecting gamblers. The challenge is how to identify them.

  • Online Reviews

There is a saying that if an alligator comes out of the water and tells you the crocodile is sick; then you have to believe him. Who are you to refute him, you have not been into the waters yourself. These reviews represent the alligator.

Indeed, there are frustrated gamblers who could not stomach their losses and went ahead to spew their frustrations on reviews. However, as much as you want to be careful not to misjudge a casino, be wary of those that have numerous complaints.

Nonetheless, reviews alone are not enough. Many sites have the habit of buying positive reviews, and what’s good to Dick may not necessarily impress Jane.

  • License

Reputable casinos will always display their license at the site with appropriate stamps. Regulations ensure the casinos abide by the law and maintains ethical gambling practices, including regularly submitting its software and for RNGs for an independent audit.

All’s said and done, the buck stops with you. You are not running late to start gambling so give it your time and do your due diligence before settling on any site. Use other people’s experiences to escape the omnipresent scammers.

How to Sign Up and Start Playing

Online popularity of gambling continues to mushroom and yet many people still find the process to create an account complicated and confusing. We want you to enjoy the thrill of online casino with a peaceful mind. Below is the route map to starting online gambling.

  1. Find out if it is legal to gamble in your state

India has some of the most confusing gambling laws, yet some states permit online gambling. These states include Goa, Daman and Sikkim.

These laws keep changing, though. Don’t be surprised if you wake up tomorrow to find out your state allows online gaming for money. It is essential that you regularly update yourself about them.

  1. Decide on your service providers

There are hundreds of sites available, but thanks to the stringent and baffling gambling laws, many sites shy away from taking Indian players. Yet there are quite several companies around the world that don’t operate under the Indian legal framework and thus don’t mind accepting Indian players. The process of choosing one may be lengthy and cumbersome for beginners, however. That’s why we have experts to guide you by offering reliable information on the leading online companies that accept Indian players.

Ask yourself the following questions when choosing a site;

  • What are the terms and regulations and are you fine with them?
  • What are the payment methods and are they favorable to you?
  • What games does the site offer and is that what you are looking for?
  • What’s their customer service like? Do they have 24-hour support?
  • What fees are applicable to transactions, both depositing and withdrawals?
  • How long does a payout take?
  • Are there a minimum and maximum bet amounts?
  • Are there any welcome bonuses and how do you claim one?

Answering the questions should guide your selection criteria with your preference on the site that is most convenient in terms of methods of payment, quick payouts, have favorable terms and conditions, and offers exceptional yet realistic bonuses.

  1. Registration

It is time to create an account. The process is simple, and you’ll do it in under 4 minutes. You can use your computer or mobile device for the sign-up exercise, but an internet connection is necessary.

Fill out the registration form–it is as simple as registering an email address. The common fields in the registration forms are:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number ()
  • Full Address (this will determine whether they accept or reject you)
  • Username (your login)
  • Password
  • Security Question (Mostly used for password recovery)
  • Betting Currency (Dollar, Sterling Pound, Euro, Rupees)

Some sites include Promo Codes (in case of special offers), and others include Deposit limits to help you manage what you spend.

There is a checkbox to accept the terms and conditions of the company. It is important you go through them before committing.

  1. Add a payment method

Payment methods often come at the tail end, that’s why it is advisable to do due diligence before creating an account. Because most sites only accept deposits of dollars, euros and pounds, you may need to exchange your money to one of those currencies by opening an e-wallet, such as Skrill or Neteller. Indian Casinos that we list on our website clearly state if they accept rupees.

In the future when you want to add another payment option, but you’ve reached your maximum number of payment methods, you will need to replace one.

  1. Identity Validation

For your account to be active, reputable casinos will demand that you verify your identity in line with the Know Your Customer (KYC) law that companies which handle finances are subjected to. Provide the following:

  • Scanned copy of your photo identification document; it can be an ID card, Passport or Driving License.
  • Either a utility bill or a bank statement to verify your physical address.

It may take up to 48 working hours to verify your account once you’ve supplied these documents.

Chances are you enjoy gambling. It is fun, and it should be, after all, it is a pastime. Play your favorite game and place your bets. You should have fun whether you win or lose.

Online Casino Playing Devices

Today desktop computers are vastly left for offices and professionals. The evolution of technology has seen everyone use a mobile device, and at the very least, a smartphone. It is, therefore, not a surprise that many leading online casinos have their games on mobile platforms.

The casinos partner with online game software developers to come up with the mobile variants of the games we play at the traditional casinos. Now nearly all games available elsewhere are available on our portable electronic gadgets.

Instant play and Compatibility concerns

It would be heartbreaking to download an application only for it to fail to work on your computer or device. But in this era of apps and devices, most gambling games are designed to work on virtually every device.

Yet game makes are not taking chances. There’s the Instant Play feature that allows you to access a casino’s software through your device’s browser. You can play without installing it.

Playing devicesHere are some of the devices you can use to play internet casino games:


In the beginning, we just needed a phone to make calls or send short text messages. The small devices turned out to be more than a communication tool to a quintessential solution to almost all our digital needs. Perhaps, the number one beneficiary of this development is the gaming industry and this is a gold mine to casinos. If that game is not on a Smartphone platform, then it doesn’t exist; it is that simple.

Mobile phone casino games are available on:


According to Statista, the Android smartphone operating system controls 85.9 percent of the smartphone market. It has the highest number of game apps. As for gambling apps, Google Inc., which owns Android states:

We allow content, services, and ads that facilitate online gambling, as long as they meet certain requirements. We also allow daily fantasy sports apps that meet certain requirements

In essence, Android online casino games guarantee player safety as only games from reputable casinos with appropriate licenses are allowed at the play store.

The games are available in downloadable and instant play versions, so you can install them and play at your convenience, or you can just tap them play on the app without necessarily installing the app.

iOS platform

iPhone Operating System (iOS) is by far the most love in terms of good graphics, thanks to the quality of Apple Inc.’s smartphone and tablet touchscreens. They give the thrill of a real casino thanks to the advanced capabilities of some of these games. Virtually all casino games are available on the platform so you can enjoy progressive jackpots video.


If you are using a Windows Phone, you don’t have to worry about accessing casino apps. The Windows Store has a host of real money gaming including slots, blackjack, and roulette. You can play for the top progressive jackpots and build your bankroll using your casino bonuses of the leading casinos online. What’s more, you play both on apps and your device’s browser.


Blackberry phones too have real money gambling apps. Be sure that your online casino games are available for Blackberry. You can access instant play slots, blackjack, online roulette, video poker, and many others.

  • Tablets

As an online gambler, there’s no much difference between a tablet and a smartphone. Tablets use similar operating systems as smartphones. You will, however, have a supremely immersive gaming experience on a tablet than a smartphone thanks to the better sound systems and bigger and better displays. You’ll definitely be interested to check out if your casino provides such capabilities.

  • Amazon Fire OS

Amazon Fire OS, though is Android-based, it specifically designed for Kindle by Amazon Inc. for its Fire Phone and Kindle Fire range of tablets. So there’s no cause for an alarm if you are using a Kindle Fire or Fire Phone. You can add gambling games by using Kindle active from the Kindle Store. Nonetheless, the casino must be offering game apps compatible with the system.

  • Smartwatch

It could be difficult to believe, but smartwatches have massive capabilities, one of which is supporting games. Casino game software developers are keeping up with the latest innovation in mobile gaming, and there are slots and casino games for your Samsung Gear and other smartwatches.

We didn’t have to mention a computer i.e. your desktop or laptop, because all the devices listed above are literally computers. It is worth to note that some sites have the virtual reality gaming capabilities factoring the Oculus Rift renowned for video games.

Online Casino Payment Methods

As an avid gambler, you want to fund your account. Typically, you would walk to the table and place your money on the table for the corresponding chips from the dealer. In an online casino, it is you and your device, and so the transaction is done over the internet. As such, you’ll need a payment option to deposit your wager amount and withdraw your accrued winnings. In India, you will likely be required to use an e-wallet such as Skrill or Neteller to exchange your rupees into an acceptable currency option.

Characteristics of a good casino payment method

  • Secure: Its money, so you don’t a system that leaves you vulnerable to eavesdropping on you, stealing your data and money.
  • Reliability: The system should be available around the clock, you never know when you’ll crave to gamble.
  • Efficiency: The system should be able to deliver your money as quick as possible and at no additional.
  • It should be easy to use.

How to Deposit Funds

Casinos based in Goa, Sikkim or in the states that have legalized casinos allow Indian players to use the various available payment solutions to deposit money. However, these players must physically be within the state as required by the law. If playing from outside a state where gambling is regulated, you’ll probably need to use an e-wallet service.

The legality of online gambling remains a controversial subject in India. Let’s just say it’s “work in progress” and leave it there.

That said, once an online has accepted you and you’ve created an account, adding funds to your account is a straightforward exercise. Once you are logged in, it is typically done in these four steps:

  1. Go the Payment Method
  2. Enter your Payment details
  3. Enter the Amount
  4. Submit

As you can see, you can do nothing until you add your preferred payment method. Many sites offer limited options. Adding a payment method can be a drawn-out process if you need to first create an account with Skrill or Neteller.

You’ll select the payment method at the “my account” section depending on what your casino calls it–it is your casino’s “cashier.”

You’ll be prompted to add a payment method. You likely need to use your eWallet and fill out the subsequent form and submit.

Because of state laws that casinos are subjected to, your payment method may take up to 48 hours to activate, pending security clearance. It doesn’t mean that you can’t play. Most casinos offer demos to help you sharpen your skill. The demos would be a good way to wait for your payment method to activate.

Once your payment method is active, you can easily deposit the funds and play for real money. One more thing, casinos have a minimum deposit requirement. Be sure you know that minimum amount.

Withdrawing Your Winnings

Once you win, you want to get your money as soon as possible, but this won’t be possible until you receive it. So you go ahead to withdraw. Alas, you discover that you can’t withdraw a certain amount, or you must add a bank account or another reason stands in your way.

Understanding Terms of withdrawal

In most people fail to look at the casino’s withdrawals terms. You can’t blame the players, with a nagging appetite to gamble and the casino’s tantalizing sign-up bonuses, no one would. What’s more, the terms are usually hidden somewhere in the casino’s terms and conditions. So not unless you know their overall impact, you will easily overlook them.

Particular features of the terms of withdrawals include;

  1. Withdrawal limits: Though the primary reason to gamble is to have fun, but what happens when you win a large sum, let’s say the jackpot? Can you withdraw in one installment? You need to know upfront the minimum and the maximum withdrawal limits so that they don’t spoil your moment.
  2. The frequency of the withdrawals: How many time a day, a week or a month does the casino allow you to withdraw.
  3. Withdrawal methods: In compliance with money laundering rules, most casinos same withdrawals and payment method. Using a different method could delay the transaction and even invite high charges
  4. Withdrawal Charges: You need to know beforehand the amount levied on withdrawals.

As you may have noticed, going through the terms may save you from trouble and will facilitate a stress-free withdrawal process.

Withdrawal Process

Now, armed with the full knowledge of the terms of withdrawal, the withdrawal is a few clicks away.

Here is a typical withdrawal request:

  1. Click ‘Withdraw’ button (Mostly located at next to your balance)
  2. Select your location.
  3. Choose your withdrawal method (same payment method as depositing with exceptions for credit cards that don’t take cash back e.g., Mastercard)
  4. Key in IBAN and SWIFT if using international bank transfers.
  5. Enter the amount; and
  6. Withdraw

Online Casino Bonuses

You would be overwhelmed by the number of numerous bonuses that come your way every time you search “casino”. There’s fierce competition for customers and these bonuses are meant to attract you. Though a number of these ridiculous bonuses are trapped, believe us, lots of them are worth cash in on.

Here are some of the bonuses you may come around:

  1. Signup Bonus: As the name suggests, it is given to you as an appreciation for creating an account with the casino. It is sometimes called a welcome bonus.
  2. First Deposit bonus: It’s the money a casino adds to your account you make your first deposit.
  3. No Deposit Bonus: Money is added to your account, no deposit is required to claim it.
  4. Free Spin: A casino gives you a chance to spin a wheel on a specified slot machine without any wager and the win is added to your play money.
  5. High Roller Bonus: If you consistently wager high amounts, you are referred to as a high roller. Casinos encourage people to be high rollers by matching the deposits made up to a specific value or percentage.
  6. Match Deposit Offers: A type of bonus where it is the amount a player receives is equivalent to the amount they deposit.

Happy Gambling, the Summon is over!

There is more to choosing to gamble online than just creating an account and placing bets. Due diligence is needed on your part. Check on the casino’s legality, its games, and rules of play, customer support, deposit and withdrawal guidelines, and much more. You also want to be sure the casino accepts Indian players, and online gambling is legal where you currently are.

If you are still stranded, our guides will help you with everything you need and even lists the best sites for you. We don’t just suggest, we look at the finer details that make up these casinos, review the various games and our experts outline strategies that will help polish your gaming skills. We are also alert to genuine yet crazy bonuses in the market.

Ultimately, gambling is purely for fun; winning is a bonus. It gives you a chance to break away from the stresses of life. It’s like watching your favorite sport or a movie or playing video games but with a chance to win some money. So, don’t be too uptight about it that you let it get into your head! And like they say, in a game of random chance even fools get lucky, so just enjoy yourself and don’t be too smart about it; you don’t know who the next fool may be.

If you want to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us or read our casino reviews.

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